Welcome 2014 vExperts – fancy a freebie (or 2)?

Hello First of all, I would like to congratulate and welcome the new recruits to the vExpert programme and, for those who’ve been fortunate enough to be on boarded for another year. This will most probably the 502nd blog post talking about the programme so I’ll cut the waffle but certainly won’t skip over the […]

vExpert 2014

New VMwear website launched

    As we begin 2014 the VMwear Spelling page moved. In the past few years quite a bit of content has been amassed and I thought it was time to dedicate a website to it. The website? http://bigvbigmlittlew.com/ Huge thanks to my colleague Sean Duffy (@shogan85) for the artwork – very much appreciated.



VMworld Barcelona 2013 – Step count

A few weeks ago I posted this article and how I’d observed a few Tweets from some of the attendees at VMworld in the US earlier the year highlighting their steps walked and hours slept. Armed with an idea I thought I’d summarise the weeks steps during VMworld and others who’d kindly sent their information […]

44CON, 2013 – My notes & thoughts

Infosec and me Attending the 44CON this year lead me to take a significant step out of my comfort zone in that I feel safe in virtualisation conferences, will boldly walk into a room and where appropriate introduce myself to someone new. But this event was something so off skew to my usual format I […]

44CON Mug