The vBrownbag sessions have been proving very popular with the momentum and demand reaching past the shores of the US into APAC and now EMEA. The idea is very simple, an open audience where anyone is able to ‘talk tech’ about all things virtual, whether product related tweaks, how-to explanations and education. The education talks have proven quite popular as the VMware published exam Blueprints contain many pages and cover all the product features and nerdknobs. The virtualisation community has many experts in these areas and they’re able to step up to the plate and focus on a specific topic for the audience. It’s a relaxed and informal session too for the presenter and audience, after all it’s a brownbag, not a conference hall presentation.

It was interesting to note this year that the VMworld Community team allocated physical space, provided audio and video equipment to the vBrownbag team for both the VMworld conferences. Live streaming sessions were pushed out to the VMworld web-site and it was really good to see this and the buzz at the Barcelona conference. It certainly instilled more of community feel and participation, indirectly it drew more people into the ‘hangspace’ area to see what was going on. A great way to meet more of the community names behind the Twitter IDs. ;-) If you weren’t able to watch the streaming live during the US conference then they’re available to watch here:

So, the very first vBrownbag based from EMEA (in an EMEA time zone too) is due to be held tomorrow at 1900hrs GMT. The subject and focus? Well, education and specifically Objective 1 of the VCP5-DT. This will be presented by Andrea Mauro, he happens to know a thing or two about this topic, so what better person than to run through it?

Register here for Tuesday’s session:

If you’d like to register your interest to talk in a vBrownbag then click here Speak on a vBrownbag

There’s more information on Gregg and Arjan’s websites too about the EMEA vBrownbag if you want to learn more.


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Gregg Robertson @greggrobertson5
Arjan Timmerman @arjantim
Andrea Mauro @andrea_mauro
vBrownbag @vbrownbag
vBrownbag EMEA @vbrownbag_EMEA [tbc]

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