Recently at VMworld there was a bit of a buzz around a humorous slant on the well known RUN DMC logo. To familiarise yourself with the classic, it’s here.

RUN DMC Official Logo

Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman brought this version to life, given there are many VMware abbreviations I think they chose the best one. :)


See Duncan’s RUN DRS Blog post about the idea and Frank’s How To Make Your Own DRS Shirt.

So, with this in mind I started thinking there must be a stack of ideas on this theme waiting to be discovered. I don’t mean variants on the RUN DMC idea, but other logos and tag lines. Since returning back from VMworld in Barcelona I’ve managed to recover from the late nights and canapé over indulgence with my thinking cap revived…

So, a few days ago I stumbled upon the idea of using the VW logo in some manner to represent VMware, after all their listed Stock Exchange code is VMW so I thought it’d be relatively easy to adapt. Last night and earlier this evening I pulled together this, my end result. I’ve placed the ‘M’ at the back and left it flat to give it the opportunity to merge in with the ‘V’ to make the ‘M’. Also, I didn’t want to clutter the clean lines of the VW letters.

VMW Logo

My thought behind this also was that Volkswagen, when translated from German into English, means “People’s Car” (Wiki Article), so I thought I’d extend the mantra to “People’s Hypervisor”. I realise it’s not owned by the people but it’s certainly very much loved by the people ;). The VW Font is freely available from their website so the writing bit was easy.

Text rounded

Text Beneath

I’ve exported a few larger versions if you’re wanting to download them, adapt and play around with. Let me know how you get on and how they get look.

Description Download
Logo with white background
Logo with blue background
Logo with black background text beneath
Logo with black background text rounded
Logo with blue background text beneath
Logo with blue background text rounded

My MS Windows 8 desktop with the logo centred and background colour matched.

My MS Windows 8 Desktop

Have fun and remember this is not affiliated in anyway with VW, it’s just something I knocked up for a bit of fun. :)

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