Tuning into the announcement earlier today from VMware it was interesting to hear what in actual fact was a reality check to the current Cloud service providers. Before I pass opinion (and it’s my opinion only) let’s just summarise what’s been announced.


In a nutshell, VMware are providing Cloud hosted services enabling anyone currently using virtualised infrastructures hosted on vSphere to migrate them into VMware’s Cloud or, treat this new Cloud service as an extension of the customer’s own data centre. Of course it’s not free and the options and pricing are already available here for consumption.


Continuing from my opening paragraph I read into this announcement that it communicates a clear message - there’s a confidence issue with the current Cloud service providers. Have the providers spent too long fighting for the ultimate service provision but unwittingly frightened people away with concerns of lock in, migration, governance or regulatory challenges? I’d say more than likely. You only have to type into a web search engine ‘Cloud Service Provider’ to find reviews, Top 10 for 2012, Service Providers that focus on developers (not to be confused with DevOps), Java specific… the list goes on.

Too much choice = uncertainty = staying put

I notice the early adopter programme is already underway with strict tie-ins and I’m fascinated to see the list of companies grow and hopefully see a case study announcement at VMworld in San Francisco later this year. It’ll be a further message sealing the acceptance than VMware are serious about the move into the Cloud and that the jostling for supremacy in the market by Cloud service providers has frustrated them – VMware are truly living up to their VMworld title for 2013 of Defy Convention.

The social media feeds (of which this is just one pixel in the huge screen of broadcast) will be awash with chatter about this and I’m keen to see more viewpoints.

VMware’s summary and post announcement write up can be found on their website here.

This article by @cloudpundit covers better ground although I think my initial thoughts weren’t too far adrift.

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