Most people can’t resist the opportunity of a freebie. Whether it’s a scoop of ice-cream at your local supermarket, a stress ball from a vendor at a conference or sticker in the box of trendy shoes you’ve just purchased. Well, consider this blog post as your box of trendy shoes and a free sticker awaits :)

I’ve commissioned a run of vExpert stickers to adorn your computer, as you can see on my Macbook here.

The sticker is vinyl and very tough so feel free to stick it anywhere you wish although I do not condone the use of these stickers to be applied to furry animals, law enforcement officers, elderly relatives or ski lifts. If you do, please send me a picture ;)

How do I get one of the vExpert stickers?

Simply complete the following sentence : “I’m proud to be a vExpert because” and you’ll appear in the sidebar of my blog, the quotes will cycle at random in order (removed random so you can read them all and see yours) every 5 (5 was too quick once the quotes came in!) 10 seconds and remember to try and keep your text short and snappy.

You’ll need to provide:

  • Your quote
  • Your preferred name to be displayed alongside it
  • Your full name (only so I can validate your entitlement)
  • A postal address is you’d like the sticker posting to you (optional)

Click here to submit your entry.

P.S. If you Tweet or blog about this I’ll include an iVirtualise sticker (first come first served), just make sure you reference my Twitter ID and use this URL:

Updated 28/08/2013  - iVirtualise stickers now unavailable

Disclaimer notes:

  1. These are not officially endorsed by VMware or their vExpert programme
  2. I will not share or disclosure verbally any details you include in the Google form
  3. I have no financial interest or external sponsorship related to this activity, I have funded this entirely myself including all postage and packing


4 Responses to “VMware vExpert sticker for free!”

  1. Thank you very much:)

  2. Hi Darren,

    Thanks again for your vExpert sticker, here is link
    How about iVirtualise sticker? Any hope?

    Bobo Zin

  3. Thanks for the picture. :)

    The last of the iVirtualise stickers have been sent, I’m sorry if you weren’t able to get one. Needless to say there will be other sticker giveaways in the the future…

    Thanks, Darren.

  4. Bo Bo Zin says:

    Love to hear Darren! Thanks again for your effort to make remarkable contribution to the community that you love!


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