I’m excited to say that I’ll be attending this year’s 44CON in London on 12th and 13th September. Of course, attending industry events isn’t just about filling your pockets with free stickers, pens and stress balls. It’s about meeting people that share a similar passion for technology, that make you raise an eyebrow or change your perception of something and leave you feeling like you’ve made a new technology friend and peer. Over time these chance introductions lead to more and then who knows who you’ll meet?

Anyway, it’s through this exact chain of events and some social media connecting that I was introduced to @CloudOfCaroline. Now, for those of you who don’t know her, I encourage you to make an introduction – she’s uber-enthusiastic about technology and full of energy! That said, her attendance at last year’s 44CON and a Tweet of a t-shirt she’d picked up caught my attention. I did a little digging into 44CON and made a mental note to learn more in readiness for the next conference and already the next one is imminent. My recent digging out of information provided me a route into an introduction to Adrian (@alien8) courtesy of Caroline. Adrian and Steve are the brains behind this event and when they’re not out in the field themselves they’re knee deep in organising, so getting some air time with one of them was hugely appreciated – and has super-enthused me too.

As a complete newbie to this type of event I was keen to understand two sides to it, so I asked:
- What is its purpose?
- What can I get out of it?


  • Attract individuals whose role is security related whether dedicated or partially – which was a given to me
  • Provide the attendees with an opportunity to meet and speak with the leading industry security professionals
  • Enable attendees to discuss their concerns with likeminded individuals
  • Rub shoulders and meet the top 10% of Security Professionals within the UK
  • Absorb facts and stories from industry recognised security speakers
  • Actively participate in guided workshops and learn more about common security flaws and pitfalls
  • Open floor panel discussion during the evening chaired by Infosec gurus
  • Drink Gin – Adrian was very clear on this :)

For me?

  • As an advisor within a Technology Office I want to hear the stories from presenters of how they’re still fighting many of the same data centre issues
  • In a world where cloud computing is apparently adopted by everyone I would like to meet people who’ve been part of the securing aspect of it to learn what they experienced
  • If there’s no sight of securing cloud environments then I’m aiming to find out why
  • Without question, networking. Adrian and Steve do happen to be very well connected in security circles (BlackHat, DEFCON etc…)
  • Knock out any remnants of security naivety I may still have lurking but never realised I had
  • Open my eyes a lot more to this aspect of the industry

As a two day package it’s great value too, just £365. I’ve opted to have the post conference DVD so I can make the best use of my time there, in the event I get distracted in a conversation or workshop I won’t be looking at watch wondering what else I’m missing.

Please get in contact if you’re going,  it’d be great to put some faces to names and Twitter IDs.

Hope to see you there.


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