I noticed a few a Tweets in the closing hours of travel from people returning home from VMworld (US) revealing their step counts (translating to miles walked) and a few publishing their hours of sleep too. The statistics were quite a telling tale of exactly how much time attendees spent moving around between hotel to venue to sessions to shindigs to hotel. Of course those with the sleep monitoring feature devices were also telling another story altogether… ;-)

So this VMworld I’ll be tracking my steps and sleep courtesy of my UP by Jawbone. At the end of every day I’ll be uploading the statistics to a widget on my website sidebar with the daily and running totals. If you’d like to have your daily step and sleep count included in the widget just DM me via Twitter every day and I’ll include yours too.

I appreciate not everyone has (or wants) an UP by Jawbone or FitBit device so why not pick up a pedometer from your local store or eBay? It doesn’t have to be expensive to track your steps. If you need justification to yourself or partner for the expenditure just mention it’s assisting you in monitoring your health. Just remember though if you use this justification don’t mention the excessive quantities of beer and/or food you may have consumed whilst at VMworld. ;-)

07/10/2013 – Update courtesy of @h0bbel, thanks Christian. If you have a smartphone then this App – called Moves, click here – may be a good alternative to capture your steps if you don’t own (or want to own) a FitBit, Jawbone etc…


“…these boots were made for walkin’…” – Nancy Sinatra


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