VMworld Party

In #vmworld3word Twitter talk it could be summed up as: Beer Food Music. Simple. The night was entitled ‘Superclub’ and various areas dedicated their decor and activities accordingly. A cordoned off section in the middle of the hall offer rollerskating to brave, experienced and foolhardy. Health and safety rules applied and as the onlookers cheered at tumbles it was clear to see that helmets and wristbands were a sensible option for some. Trunks full of ‘dressing up’ clothes were placed next to photo booths for fun snaps to be taken. Flashing wristbands and neon plastic jewellery were handed and as the evening progressed more and more people became weighed down.

Food and drink were in abundance and people were certainly taking advantage of it… Some too much and the 10pm hard stop and kicking out I’m sure helped curb consumption.

The main stage provided a mix of dance music interspersed with classical. Dancers adorned podiums, the floor and encouraged attendees to join them. When I say ‘encouraged’ it was more about being snared with a hula-hoop, as this poor chap found out.

It was definitely slower and the evidence of over indulgence and conference session attendance is noticeable. Suit cases (of all sizes) follow many people around the corridors and shoulders are supporting more than one bag – mainly full of t-shirts, pens and stress balls I’m sure.
A few vendor catch-ups with nVidia, Pure Storage and Violin memory provided some great learning opportunity. I was especially taken the Pure Storage user manual, photo below.

It’s the size of a business card – very good advertising for simplistic management. The slow start for many meant I could grab a photo of the Alumni lounge this morning before people arrived – it’s been quite busy this week which speaks volumes about the returning audience.

Next week I’ll be posting a summary of the foot steps I’ve walked along with any other people’s submissions from this week too.

That’s it for today – time to pack up and make arrangements to get to the airport.

Thank you VMware – it’s been a blast.


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