A few weeks ago I posted this article and how I’d observed a few Tweets from some of the attendees at VMworld in the US earlier the year highlighting their steps walked and hours slept. Armed with an idea I thought I’d summarise the weeks steps during VMworld and others who’d kindly sent their information to me.

To set the scene below some attendees arrived Sunday, some Monday so a total for the week is relevant to that person rather than an out and out comparison.

Twitter ID Total steps
@dawoo 57,789
@damiandavis 119,873
@erikbussink 77,960
@greggrobertson5 63,561
@h0bbel 69,420
@jonathanmedd 43,374
@virtualisedreal 53,940

For next year I’ve already set wheels in motion for something far more exciting. Watch this space…


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