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First of all, I would like to congratulate and welcome the new recruits to the vExpert programme and, for those who’ve been fortunate enough to be on boarded for another year.

This will most probably the 502nd blog post talking about the programme so I’ll cut the waffle but certainly won’t skip over the important fact that we’re hugely proud of our achievement and appreciate the efforts that John, Cory and the ‘people behind the curtain’ undertake to make this a great community to belong to. :)

Yeah yeah, what about the free stuff you mentioned in the blog title?


Free stuff – part 1

Fancy a custom URL shortener to show your colleagues your new accolade? Well there’s this… a URL shortener with the prefix of!

What’s all this about?

In 2012 I registered the domain and dropped in the YOURLS package for URL shortening with the sole intention of opening it up for vExperts to use. Over recent time I’ve heard and read some vExperts find that not everyone knows what this accolade is, or represents. So, with this in mind I thought it could be promoted more on a daily basis with every URL that we communicate.

How did it come about?

Following a discussion with Sean Duffy (a colleague, clever guy as well as being a vExpert) he seeded the idea of YOURLS and what it could do. My mind wandered a little on a commute home one day and hey presto here we are.

Can I use this?

Yes, if you’re a vExpert you can.

How do I get access?

It’s very easy and I will endeavor to set you up as quick as possible.

Drop me an e-mail to, darren at vmote dot net, with the following details:

  • Subject:  vExpert Me

(Body text to include)

  • Name:  Firstname, Lastname
  • Year(s) as vExpert:  i.e. 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Twitter ID:
  • Preferred user name:
  • Preferred password: (the package does not allow user password creation so enter your preferred password)

Once I receive a request I’ll use the powers of the Internet to establish the authenticity of your application. Please, do not be offended if I have to ask for more information. Once approved, I’ll reply to your e-mail address and provide a few brief notes of what to do.

The important stuff


Drop me an e-mail with the following details:

  • Name: Firstname, Lastname
  • Current user name:
  • Preferred password:
  • I will not use any of your details for anything else other than this feature.
  • I have no vested interest in passing on any information and nor would I intentionally do so.

I am personally funding the hosting and efforts involved for our community, please do not abuse this tool and ruin it for others. I will revoke access to individuals or all users if I deem necessary.

  • This is for vExperts past and present so please don’t pass this on to friends and colleagues.
  • Please do not share your username and password with anyone else.
  • The way YOURLS works means everyone with a valid login can see all the shortened URLs. I cannot change this so please don’t ask.
  • The way YOURLS works means everyone with a valid login can edit and remove previously shortened URLs. I cannot change this. Please do not remove previous shortened URLs.

Free stuff – part 2

Last year I wrote this blog post and offered a vExpert sticker in exchange for a quote on this site – you may have noticed the widget cycling through on the righthand side of this site? Well, as it’s that time of year again I’m offering a sticker to all vExperts (that don’t already have one).

(update 16/07/2014) I’ve removed the cycling quote as it affected the functionality of the WordPress administration and caused all manner of issues when I tried to create new content. 

(update 17/02/2015) All quotes now appear on this page from this blog post

What are you waiting for? Click here


vExpert Sticker

(sorry – the iVirtualise stickers are no longer available)

Thanks, Darren.



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