Firstly, why Grandpa? Blame @greggrobertson5. Having only spent 2 days working with him (some time ago) he began to refer to me online in this manner and it’s stuck, and been adopted…by a few…and by my colleagues…and now even my partner. :)

With the VMUG momentum picking up in the UK now more and more local ‘chapters’ are coming to life and in two weeks time I’ll be heading up to Manchester to meet new faces, really looking forward to it.

I’ll be hosting a pre-VMUG session where you’ll have the opportunity to collectively contribute to help design the utopian solution for a Highly Available application I’ve thought up. I’ve been fortunate enough to have run this a few times now with different sized audiences at various VMUGs and it’s fascinating to hear talk about technology and how people perceive vendors and their suitability to a scenario. It’s fun, interactive and importantly an opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas.

If you’ve not seen the agenda for the day there’s a link below but here’s a summary.

Meeting Highlights

  • Morning Design Workshop – Darren Woollard, Xtravirt
  • PernixData Presentation: Re-Think Storage Performance – James Smith
  • Community Presentation: Home Lab Storage and Lessons Learnt – James Kilby
  • Calyx MS Presentation: Hybrid Cloud and Calyx Silver Lining
  • Community Presentation: VMware Certification – Chris Beckett
  • vNews – Ashley Davies
  • Networking and Lunch
  • Raffle and vBeers at Tiger Tiger Printworks

I think you’d agree there’s a broad range of topics on offer here, something for everyone, and when you grab a seat in one these sessions make sure you say hello to the person next to you and grow your community network.

Sponsors are very important for VMUGs so if you’ve not had the opportunity to see a PernixData presentation or chat with one of their Systems Engineers then this is another reason to attend, very cool technology. Of course having met the CTO recently I would say that ;-) . Calyx are a new name to me but I’ll be keen to hear what their take is on Hybrid cloud, given my role and thoughts on the industry at the moment.

So, what are you waiting for? See more about the day and register here.

See you there!



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