Following the release last week of VMware Fusion v7 I’ve been looking into some of the new features (as well as appreciating the enhanced performance – Shared Folders on my Mac now runs like a rocket :) ). My favourite by far is the new ‘Connect to Server’ feature:

Connect to server

It provides a very quick and easy way to get hold of VMs without needing to fire up the C# or web client – marvellous.

Anyway, I happened to notice in one of the forums a user was struggling to open the console screen of any of their VMs once connected to their vCenter server. This message appeared:

MKS Login Error

Having once seen this text once before when I was using the VMware Infrastructure Client a couple of years ago I recalled it was DNS related. Sure enough, a quick check of DNS on the Mac itself revealed it was using network configuration for another location.

A full list of features and enhancements for version 7 is featured here.


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