I was very confused to see a raft of Tweets about Steve this morning and his departure from Microsoft, albeit too late to join a conversation with him before he literally deleted his account. It appears his Facebook account has also followed suit. Checking his Viewyonder site it states his experiment is over.


Many of us have seen his SoMe outbursts in the past 9 months and thought long and hard about them at times. Some have been work and technology related and that’s fair game in my opinion as Steve is never one to sit quiet when he has something to contribute. Other broadcasts have been of a more personal nature and resonate with many people I’m sure.

Why am I writing about Steve? Well, because I actually like the guy and he’s been a tremendous support to my career development ever since we first worked together in 2005 on a VMware ESX 2.5 deployment. Over the years we’ve communicated online and bumped into each other at conferences. I’ve followed his career path with an interested eye as some of the technologies he’s leapt feet first into are now well established and accepted in the marketplace. I don’t doubt for one moment he’ll resurface with a fresh face and new outlook on life and we’ll all end up in the wake of his next adventure but for now, Steve wherever you are – keep safe.


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