As many of you know I’ve been sending out vExpert stickers (see my Macbook below) to vExperts in exchange for a quote on my website about why you’re proud to be a vExpert.


Shortly after introducing a WordPress plug-in to my blog to show the quotes I noticed the bandwidth utilisation began to increase dramatically, so much so that my hosting provider began charging for excess bandwidth. I have no idea how or what the plug-in was doing but as soon as I removed it the web-site reverted back to normal. Now I was left with the dilemma of how to share the quotes back to the community. I’d seen word clouds in use for a long time and wondered how it would work with submissions I’d received with a focus on repetition of words. I extracted the data and here’s (a screenshot) of the final result.


The full URL of the website is, not only does it display the word cloud but also lists the quotes submitted since I launched this in 2013. So, if you’re a vExpert and would like a sticker in exchange for quote then click the button below.

I’d like a vExpert Sticker


If you’d like to share this post on Social Media just use the URL, feel free to spread the word.


(Please note: I’m personally funding this I will only provide one (1) sticker free of charge. If you’d like a replacement then I’d appreciate a donation to cover the cost of the sticker and postage. My PayPal account address is darren at vmote dot net)

Thanks, Darren.

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