A recent request came through to assist with the post build procedures of a large ESX and vCenter rollout. One task was to remove the manual effort to create and assign the Roles and Permissions within vCenter.

After sifting through my pile of scripts I took to the web and headed straight for Alan Renouf’s website http://www.virtu-al.net/ . As you would expect there was an example originally instigated from a community discussion, the exact page is here, http://www.virtu-al.net/2009/06/15/vsphere-permissions-export-import-part-1/

I extracted the code but couldn’t actually get it going due a syntax error message which I didn’t understand (I admit I’m a novice at scripting). Not wanting to be beaten I took to the web again and posted within the VMware PowerCLI forum, original post here http://communities.vmware.com/thread/280803?tstart=15 . Another scripting guru leapt to save the day, Luc Dekens (his website http://www.lucd.info/ is packed full of useful information too).

Luc’s explanation (in the forum thread) and minor amendment brought the script to life.

I take no credit for the work here but I find the scripts incredibly useful.

Files can be downloaded here: EXPORT  IMPORT

(Updated) - Menu selection

Here’s an additional import script that displays a list of options to allow for imports in a multi-vCenter mixed environment.

Import Options

Import Options

File can be downloaded here IMPORT2

4 Responses to “vCenter Roles & Permissions Export / Import scripts”

  1. Cheers Dazzo

    That saved me an afternoon of tedium.


  2. Three cheers to Alan, LucD and Darren, these still work in 5.1.

  3. Thanks for updating this post, hadn’t yet needed to run this against 5 or 5.1, so your feedback is well received.

    Cheers, Darren.

  4. Perfect,, just what I wanted on a Friday afternoon. A PM just asked me to export the vCenter permissions so we can import it to the new ESXI 5.1 infrastructure. Cheers all.

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