If ¬†your storage vendor or internal storage team have yet to ‘approve’ the Round Robin LUN pathing policy you’ll no doubt be manually setting the paths. This is OK for a few LUNs or ESX(i) hosts but when you have more than a handful do you really want to spend time doing this? Also, there’s scope for error by manually clicking through multiple screens especially if you get interrupted.

I initially took to the web and found a couple of examples, links below.



These were excellent examples but didn’t work on vSphere v4, I took to the forums and posted in the VMware PowerCLI forum. LucD jumped to the rescue and pointed out the requirement of a mandatory parameter which had since changed. His post below.


So, if you’re after the working script click here.

Note, you may need to change the /vmfs/devices/disks/naa* reference to /vmfs/devices/disks/vml*, check you path from the CLI.

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