Those of you who’ve worked with me will know how retentive I am about the spelling of the company name ‘VMware’ and its products. This is not because I have nothing better to do with my time it’s just that when a brand name and product are referenced I strongly believe it should be stated correctly, in my world anyway. This doesn’t stop at VMware it applies to everything. If I incorrectly spelt your name and /or mixed the case you’d more than likely raise an eyebrow, wouldn’t you?

So, towards the end January 2011 I set myself a task to note down every reference I found to an incorrect spelling or representation of VMware. This wasn’t about reviewing every website just simply noting down where and when during my normal day routine.

To this end I’ve pulled together the variants and totals in the pie-chart below from my observations in the past year.

Now, if you’d like to see some of the classics in action jump to the VMwear Spelling page.

My all time favourite is still this one.


3 Responses to “VMware, it’s all in the name.”

  1. This did make me laugh at the end of my second week at VMware. Having come Novell and working with ZENworks (not ZEN works, ZenWorks, ZenWORKS… etc) I can relate. Despite ZENworks being a trademark, even Novell execs couldn’t get it right!

  2. I have worked for VMware for quite a while, and this is one of my biggest pet peeves! Especially when I see a presentation with the wrong capitalization. I will usually let the person know if I can before they start.

    To me, it shows you have the basic knowledge of the company. If you pitch me with VMWare, you have either been looking at our stock price or not paying attention.

    Thx. I had to vent.

  3. Thanks for the vent :-) Feel free to get in touch if you find any pictures worthy of adding to my page.



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