A recent discussion in the VMware Fusion Tech Preview raised the awareness that some virtual machines would only show the ‘Force‘ option when instigating a Power State related activity, no mention of the graceful route even with the VMware Tools installed. I’d personally experienced this after P2V-ing a corporate laptop into Fusion but couldn’t figure out why. Given the bloat in the source operating system build I’d attributed the missing option to embedded drivers that wouldn’t strip out from Add / Remove Programs.

Force Shutdown

Force Shutdown

So, the answer came about in this thread:


Simply put, the default options for power states are ‘Hard’. To change the power state options it’s back to the VMX file and a quick edit is required. Change the following entries from “hard” to “soft”.

powerType.powerOff = “soft”
powerType.powerOn = “soft”
powerType.suspend = “soft”
powerType.reset = “soft”

Easy – when you know how ;-)

Update (13/08/2013)

This blog post by Ryan McKern discusses the challenge of editing a VMX file when having to import multiple images. Ryan closed his article with the hook idea of perhaps using VMware Studio to assist, if he’s able to do this then I’ll update this page further. :)

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