VMworld2012 - SF
VMworld2012 – SF

If you’re not able to attend the conference this week in San Francisco and are using the Social Networks to keep up to speed to with happenings, there’s an awful lot of content being pushed out and it’s hard to keep up.

VMware have defined a list of Twitter Hashtags in their attendee conference materials and encourage people to use them. So for us, non-attendees, here they are:

Sessions and Hands-on Labs

#vmworldinf Infrastructure Sessions
#vmworldops Operations Sessions
#vmworldapp Application Sessions
#vmworldeuc End User Computing Sessions
#vmworlditt IT Transformation Sessions
#vmworldsponsor Sponsor Sessions
#vmworldhol Hands-on Labs
#vmworldexperts Meet the Experts and Group Discussions

Verticals and Solutions

#vmworldsmb Small and Mid-size business
#vmworldgov Government and Federal
#vmworldhealthcare Healthcare IT
#vmworldfinance Financial Services
#vmworldedu Education Services

So, set your filters and start absorbing.


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