As many of you know I recently joined Nutanix and as part of the orientation training one of the questions posed to @trailsfootmarks was…

“Where did the name Nutanix come from? Does it mean anything?”

A very good question and I thought incredibly brilliant timing as the first post on my site about my new employer. So here’s the answer. Simply, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not an abbreviation or an acronym. It’s not been cropped from another language and there’s no hint of hidden meaning to theĀ ancientĀ language of Nahuatl.

Ok, so where did it come from?

At the time the company was being formed the founders wanted to ensure the company name didn’t clash with anything and by choosing something unique it would quickly return high ranking hits on search engines and through social media. For this reason, a computer generated company name was created. Initially the proposed name was Nutanic but this didn’t sound right and the word ended with a ‘ck’ sound which didn’t seem right. The ‘C’ was replaced with an ‘X’ to soften the word, and there you have it.

Since then the X has played a part in subsequent marketing campaigns. VMworld 2012 saw the use of the X tied to X-Men for branding. A recent brand logo update now has part of the X shaded in green to represent a play button.

The old logo with the solid green X…


…has now been replaced with



The reason the play button has come about is to imply simplicity and something that just works.

So there you have it.