Cloud Computing Intelligence

Open up the Cloud Computing Intelligence magazine (Issue no.8) and you’ll find a two page spread where I brief over business challenges and recommendations around cloud adoption then wrap it up with a perfect analogy. For those of you that know me you’ll know that I love analogies and soundbites. There’s a digital version of the magazine available here, load it up and jump to PAGE 30. Alternatively if you’d like a PDF version of my article to open and store on your device for offline reading then click here.


There are a couple of documents I submitted a while back to VMware to assist with building their Proven Practice section. I am big advocate of real world documentation and this is where the VIOPS initiative aims to deliver. In my opinion there are too many White Papers and Best Practices in circulation, don’t get me wrong they’re useful documents but wreak havoc in the wrong hands.

Preparing for a Physical to Virtual migration (P2V) – a guide from real world experience

This first originated from my P2V experience way back with ESX Server V2.5 and VI 3. Even though ESX has moved on the approach and considerations still apply.

VI3 Blue Print – Migration Workshop

The second document covered the approaches and methodology for a P2V with an attempt to encapsulate the high level headings for a workshop.