Slowly I’m compiling and uploading the scripts I’ve found to be useful in my work and hopefully will be of use to you. I’ve renamed the files to .TXT so they don’t get blocked by webpage scanners, just rename to .PS1 after downloading.

Set Default SATP and LUN PSP

Set the Default SATP (Storage Array Type Plugin) and apply a PSP (Path Selection Plug-in). This was written and tested on VMware ESXi 5.1, open the file up and review the comments for settings.


vCenter Roles and Permissions Export & Import

Original post here:

Export vCenter Roles & Permissions [SCRIPT]

Import vCenter Roles & Permissions [SCRIPT]

Manually Load Balance LUNS in vSphere v4

Original post here:

Manually load balance LUNs [SCRIPT]

BASH (basic but faithful)

Sometime ago I compiled a post ESX fresh install BASH script using just esxcfg commands (run using root privileges). It’s actually proved to be quite useful for recent projects so I thought it may worth publishing to the community.

The creation of temporary file(s) during the execution prevents another admin re-running in the event the script is left behind. I find copying it to /tmp keeps it out of harms way. It goes without saying you may want to delete the files after execution & reboot.

This will only run on a VMware 3.5.x ESX Host as the syntax of vmware-vim-cmd has changed since 3.0

Areas I’ve focused on:

  • Service Console memory
  • DNS configuration
  • NTP (drift file really only useful for 2 or more time sources)
  • Qlogic configuration
  • Team NICs
  • Configure vMotion (notice the little ‘v’)
  • Add vSwitches, port groups & VLAN IDs
  • Enable SSH Client

The majority of the content is environmental specific but items such as the Qlogic have been gleaned from

Feel free to download, edit, delete and update me. This script is by no means clever but just simply works and can be adapted per installation. I suppose you could say for an ESX 3.5 installation it’s a Manual Host Profile ;-)

PDF Version

TXT File