Submitted by @patrickdamen

“Quite handy are the mirrored folders: At the moment I only use Documents to easily integrate the documents folder from Mac OSX and MS Windows 7 (within VMware Fusion). In this way you always work with the same version of the documents across the Operating Systems.”

Further information

This feature is available to Microsoft Windows guest operating systems that have the VMware Tools installed. You may find enabling the feature will require a log off / on again, a message box will appear within your MS Windows Virtual Machine advising if this is required.

  • The Mirrored Folders feature is accessible through the Virtual Machine Settings:
Virtual Machine setttings

Virtual Machine settings

  • Select the Sharing icon:
Shared Folders

Shared Folders

  • Using your mouse slide the setting from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’, this will make the Mirrored Folders selection boxes active. That’s it.

Thanks Patrick.

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