Submitted by 2 users, Cory Price

“I like the seamless experience between my MS Windows and Mac apps so I enable Application Sharing. To enable just go to the Settings menu and select Default Applications and finally select “Run Windows applications from your Macs Applications Folder”. Now I can have my Windows apps accessible via Launch Pad or the Applications folder.”

and @pshearduk

“Application sharing is a great tip! “Default Applications” in the Settings menu. Then select run windows applications from your mac applications folders.”

Further information

  • Select the Virtual Machine settings:
Virtual Machine settings

Virtual Machine settings

  • Click on Default Applications:
Default Applications

Default Applications

As you can see not only are you able to seamlessly join the applications from host and guest but you can determine how your files are handled too, ideal if you’re launching direct from within Spotlight.

Thanks Cory and Paul.

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