This tip is more of a discovered ‘feature’ that catches me out from time to time. It’s been posted in the Fusion forum here and duly noted by the development chaps. I’ve lifted the text into this page.


  • I move to and from customer site where some internet connections require Proxy settings, and some don’t.
  • The internet connection is either wireless or hard wired.
  • The settings for the internet are left at their previous state and not appropriate for the new location, so, no internet but the network is active.
  • I start Fusion or Fusion TP.
  • I click to boot a VM and the colour wheel spins, it remains in this state for around a minute.
  • If I turn off Wi-Fi or disconnect the physical cable to cease the network connectivity the spinning wheel stops.
  • I can successfully boot my VM.

In this short video you’ll see the following:

  • 0:03 – Customer GuestWLAN is connected (it should have Proxies enabled but currently doesn’t)
  • 0:08 – 0:11 – Start Fusion TP and click on the Windows 8 VM to boot. (What you can’t see in this video is the cursor changes to a spinning wheel, Quicktime doesn’t capture).
  • 0:19 – I turn Wi-Fi off to sever the network connection.
  • 0:22 – The Windows 8 VM highlight box surrounding the preview window appears and control is returned.
  • The VM boots successfully.

I realise I can turn off Check for Updates, but I don’t want to.